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rural mid southern Indiana
retired electrician, tech nut want-to-be
Interests: getting off the grid, raising my own food source, zero fuel source dependency.
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You know it's good to see GM up their game in the EV arena, but after getting massive bail out $money$ and a chunk of the $1.5T tax give away and than closing down half of their plants in the US and out sourcing jobs, that leaves a bad taste for taxpaying consumers. They need come up with something that's better than a half-a-loaf.
Davemart, with a higher energy density couldn't these batteries be smaller and connected in series to get the desired voltage with the same volume as lithium. Magnesium is a lightweight substance which makes it a plus for BEVs. I would like to know how they holds up in cold temperatures.
Most BEV's use regenerative braking, requiring a minimized use of mechanical braking, which is a double plus for BEV's.
Doesn't the production of Aluminum require a substantial amount of energy to produce, which would add more to the GHG problem?
I'd like to see a modular battery pack that could easily slide in/out and be replaced for upgrades and replacements. A lot like a cordless drill.
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Sep 2, 2014