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Facebook is now working on completely extending their network?! So the rumors say. They’re calling it “Facebook at work” where companies will have the opportunity to work through Facebook to communicate within the their business with there colleagues. This Network is going to be very similar to the current network that we’re already used to, it will still have the regular newsfeed, groups and messaging capability, but according to It will also include collaborative tools for work on shared documents. "Facebook at work" will be completely separated from personal accounts and strictly for work, not for personal use. Although... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2014 at Global Media News
News Video on the web has become so big now that more and more people use the internet for everything including for news. According to news videos picked up around 2013. Since then more than six in ten U.S. adults now watch videos online instead of anywhere else! Roughly about 36% of U.S adults watch the news on video on the web, 27% don't watch news videos and 63% watch videos online period according to Pew Research Center. Although Videos online have become very popular, according to sources it doesn't look like it's something that's going to last because... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2014 at Global Media News
Because of the advanced technology we have now, it has become extremely difficult for publishers to gain and keep an audience. Many try to depend on social networks like instagram, twitter, and especially facebook! Facebook has offered publishers to simply send pages to them so that they live inside the social network's mobile app. Sounds like a great opportunity right? to publicise the work because of the traffic facebook has, but why do many refuse? Because once these publishers decide to this, they have no name. They are obeying and living under facebook or any social network they decide to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2014 at Global Media News
Journalists are always trying to find new ways to gain publicity. It can be a challenge with all the different media outlets available on the internet. So now journalists are taking a big step forward and thinking outside the box to find new creative ways to connect with their audience and hopefully gain a new crowd. Journalists from all over are tapping into different types of Chat apps to communicate. For example, Snapchat. SnapChat was created by a couple of Stanford Students in 2011. It caught the attention of millions amongst the younger crowd. The app allows you take a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2014 at Global Media News
China just made an approval on releasing the IPhone 6. Apple Fans can now start making preorders for the phone on Oct. 10. On Tuesday Apple explained that the Iphone went on sale only to a few major markets on September 19, just a selected few. The phone had to be approved by "the Chinese Ministry of Industry" before being sold in the country and unffortunatly for China, they claim to have a small security concern with Apple's IOS operating system. The Ministry said "It was worried about diagnostic tools that run on the Iphone that could compromise users private... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2014 at Global Media News
Well first of all you must be asking yourselves, what is Alibaba? Alibaba's first form of business was The company was founded by Jack Ma in 1999. This Company helps exporters from around the world, especially China connect with companies in over 190 countries in the world. For example, it allows a business running in the UK to find a manfacturer from anywhere in the world and have a range of goods produced and shipped. Alibaba also owns two other companies, which is China's largest website to shop! They also own and this offers branded goods to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2014 at Global Media News
In 2006, Facebook was the second largest social network on the internet following Myspace in terms of traffic. Back then though it only focused on College Students, it has come a long way now by gaining Market share and having more of a supportive user base. They came from obtaining 8 million users in the U.S. back in 2006 to now 1.3 billion monthly users, not only in the U.S., but in fact WorldWide! Mostly thanks to the amount of videos that stream through the news feed daily. For example, last Friday Beyonce posted a video on both Facebook and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2014 at Global Media News
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