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This article is quite informative. It is well said by the author that “The consumption of IT by both consumers and corporate clients are undergoing a seismic shift” …. Source:
Awesome news! How does this happen? Netflix is on fire, that’s something really good that company has managed to attract 1.3 Million users. Source:
Somewhere I am reading about Amazon joining apple and here I m exploring that there is a war in between two? Whats happening around? AMZN
Well i think this is not the appropriate section at the moment to focus on, CEO Mayer should look for the alternative and should work on something which could be profitable for the company. Source:
Expectations with google have increased and this has been the source for Google Bubble and it’s burst.GOOG
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Advertising is not what yahoo should be focusing on because this is the consecutive third quarter there is a decline in this segment. Source:
TWTR is going down. This year it have 241M monthly active users if we compare it with the previous year results twitter added 1M active users uptil now.
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This was a helpful article, thank you… will follow your advice that if hundreds of dollars are available then buying some put options would be beneficial… Source:
Finding the right path in this competitive stock market, it's quite tricky…. Like again PGRO has taken the lead again… after this what I have evaluated is play smartly and you will make profit.
232 million active users, exclusively for Twitter simply amazing. So should I say Good Time for Twitter has just started? Source:
Well after the IPo has been double Twitter is experiencing the Enthusiastic response from Investors.. Simply WOW! Source:
Well if twitter stocks will keep on falling down how can they expect their company title to be on the top ranking or to be listed under NYSE list. TWTR
Actually while following Facebook footsteps in this competitive stock market, has made it possible for twitter to double post-IPO. It’s awesome Source:
Well what can we evaluate after exploring the stock market, will twitter be on the list of NYSE or not? Source:
What's with twitter these days? As per its growth and shares are concerned what should we expect from the market, how will twitter work? Source: TWTR
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This article has actually highlighted the importance of having a local licensed broker. With this order execution of India or BSE is quite convenient. Source:
Basically, if Chinese companies are planning to list their stocks on US then they should play by SEC rules. Specially if it is to audit affiliates of US. Source:
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Sep 4, 2014