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April Hermes Lusk
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Does your book give any guidance with free motion blunders and how you can possibly fix them? I'm a newbie and always afraid I won't be able to fix something that goes wrong while quilting!!!
The next one I want to make is either Cathedral Windows or Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I'm torn between the two!!
My quilting is so much better now. Not just from repetition but from following the advice and tips you provide your readers! Thank you for helping us achieve better results & create beautiful works of art!
My Favorite Quilt Block is Double Wedding Ring and Hunter's Star. I have loved those blocks since I saw it and I couldn't just pick one!!!
A burgundy color and using silver and yellow as complements...i never thought it would have looked good!!!!!!
I forgot to say, XL please! :)
We would hit our local quilting stores and visit some of the amish stores around here and then head back to relax and just soak up any and all tips and tricks you could tell/show me!! Just meeting you would be such a prize!!
Love the line and that there is such creativity used with these lines and fabrics!!! I'm hooked!
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I am a newbie so only one so far, but you have to start somewhere! I hope to finish 4 this year.
I like using Jelly Roll or Charms!!
I have my mom's old sewing machine. I believe that this one is over 40yrs old.
Waking up one Christmas morning to all handmade cabbage patch doll clothes littered on the couch for me & my sister. My dad had been laid off and my mom made us those clothes to help. Plus made us jammies & robes. Best Christmas EVER!!!
I love love love double wedding ring and log cabins. Thank you for doing giveaways, especially for those of us on fixed incomes! :)
Hi, I love fabric, yarn, typography, quotes, sewing, My Grand-kids, parents, kids and that first peek of a sunrise or sunset. Now, if my 39 yr old body would just get in gear of being 39, that would be a better love. Since it doesn't listen well, I lay in bed & sew, quilt, crochet or knit until those precious Grands come see me!
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I am currently on the fence on to which I'm going to do next. I need to start my quit for my sister in Groovy least that is Snoopy & 60's vibe type fabric. Having a hard time deciding on the pattern to use! As for the line, I love ALLL the fabrics so far! I'm loving how it brings me out of my comfort zone of colors and such to use. *I usually like dark, civil war types*!!!
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