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Surely Labour's and the Tories' stances on immigration and fiscal policy are evidenced based. They're based on evidence of what will win votes. If you accept this then the title of this post should be 'against evidence based attitudes' and the answers probably a combination of - - limited knowledge and expertise of voters. most don't have the time or the skills necessary to assess the evidence - natural human emotions, eg fear and distrust of the other - the appeal of intuitive arguments, eg we're in a recession we must cut spending I there's maybe 'supply side' factors here too in that Labour may be underestimating their ability to shift voter attitudes and/or trying to place themselves just a bit to the left of the Tories.
So good you posted it twice!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2014 on Immigration & capitalism at Stumbling and Mumbling
Correlation of accusations only, in itself, tells us that the probability of guilt is less relative to the probability of guilt with independent accusations (all other things equal). Correlated accusations could still be strong evidence.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2014 on On correlation neglect at Stumbling and Mumbling
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Sep 14, 2014