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Honestly-everything you are writing sounds EXACTLY like my neighborhood in S. Austin. When my husband and I first moved in we were so excited to live across the street from the greenbelt entrance and the park/playground/pool/basketball court. We envisioned our kids being able to run across the street and shoot hoops or run around at the park. We've been there 3 years now and anytime kids come to the park without parents, they are questioned or talked about by the parents hovering over their own kids. The HOA is trying to put a key lock on the basketball court so that "other people" can't access it. When I questioned it saying that when my kids are at the park they like to go on their bikes around the park and ride around on the basketball court I was practically chewed up by comments stating that this is how the basketball court gets "ruined". I'm sorry, but a 5 year old riding training wheels on a concrete basketball court that has painted lines on it hardly justifies being "ruined". One neighbor recently posted on NextDoor (an online neighborhood bash site) that she was so proud of "saving" a 3 year old who was outside his own house playing in the yard. That the "poor mom" must have been sleeping and didn't notice he had slipped out the door. She also went on to give advice to other parents on how they can prevent this from occurring to them. I so wish our neighborhood was like the one I grew up in. Kids would run the streets, knocking on doors to PLAY!
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Sep 17, 2014