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Just wait until they get sued for this causing a few accidents. They tried this on airliners, and over ruling the pilot caused accidents.
Since Toyota refuses to come out with a truck version of the prius, Hyundai should come out with their version of the ABAT. It'd sell like hotcakes. I for one, would run out and buy one.
If VW was smart, it'd be a 1.0 litre diesel. But you'll never see something that fuel efficient in the US. Oil companies don't want it.
VW needs a smaller diesel for the US market. The golf is overpowered with a 2.0 litre diesel. Put in a 1.3 litre.
Whoopee. My civic hybrid currently gets 55 mpg.
Until GM improves the quality of their vehicles, it doesn't matter how good the cars are.
I wouldn't touch a GM car for all the tea in China with all the recalls they've had.
The author missed including the mpg of the engine.
I hope the 216d makes it to the states, but I doubt it will.
Love to see the diesel here in the US, but that will never happen
Yeah, lets not put these engines in a car ordinary folks can drive, but let's only let the rich drive them
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Sep 19, 2014