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I hear/read PT Forsyth quoted more and more often....
Always good to read what you write! Read your reflection then took care of dad, then layed down on the couch and tried to find something on my iPad to listen to (while I fall asleep). I "randomly"selected this teaching . Had only listened to him once before. He is totally sold out to the Lord, a little intense. But this message was not random... If you can spare 2 hours it will take you to the place your reflection was headed and further! Go to YouTube ....HCSKL 2011 Day17 Dan Mohler. Why day 17???
Right....He is the beginning and the end of our faith. He is the substance of our faith. We live by faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God....He is the Word made flesh...He truly is our all in all! Thank you for reflecting.......jill
I can tell from your writing over the last few months that you are yearning to be in the pulpit...I believe God will open doors to give you an outlet ...there will be time ...I just pray you take care of yourself for your health and for your beautiful family's benefit... Continue be challenged and entertained by your writing are the most prolific word smith ever.... Jill
When we don't understand we are clothed in His righteousness we will always hold onto our own....we don't love because we are trying to meet our own needs not other's needs. We've had that conversation a few years ago....I believe real love shown to fellow Christians or unbelievers is extremely rare. We can only truly love with the love shed abroad in our hearts and we don't draw from that well. We think we love others when we really only do things for others that make us feel good about ourselves. So the church is really pretty sad... It is only in His love and power that we can live and move in serving His growing kingdom.... It is indeed rare...I am reminded again it is only in abiding....jill
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Aug 20, 2014