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Empire propaganda is mostly too stupid to waste your time with. In the real world, (not presented by Empire media) no one, especially Empire thinks of the Ukraine as a nation state. It was either a no man's land between the Euro branch of Empire and the Russian Federation, (that would mean a cold peace) or it would be a battleground on the Western front in Cold War 2 that the Obamanation has declared against Vlad and Xi. While Vlad was watching the Winter Olympics and worrying about "terrorists" Empire putsched Kiev. Now the question is whether Vlad will be able to get any counterplay besides the Crimea which he really could not afford to lose. So far it is not looking good for him. Of course Walrus this was Empire aggression and that is how the whole world views it apart from the countries that belong to Empire. And even within Empire reasonably honest politicians like Merkel know the truth, but because her country is still occupied cannot afford to speak it. Only Empire's very own sheeple media sponges are too dumb to think otherwise.
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Aug 21, 2014