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Our Existence Has a Purpose Is a Working Class Hero Really Something to be? Benefits of Being an Adaptive Expert In the End, It's Just You Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2014 at write2think
Up until a month ago, I would have agreed with Bain that passion, creativity, and connection is the key to a successful career. Reading his book, What the Best College Students do, made following your passion sound so dreamy. But in fact, that dreamyness happens to be the biggest obstacle... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2014 at write2think
In Alain De Botton's Tedd talk about success versus failure, he brings up the connection between humans and nature. Precisely, he says that we praise nature because it is "an escape from the human anthill." I think Ken Bain would find this concept intriguing because it comes from a philosophical... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2014 at write2think
Imagine yourself doing something you love, something you're good at, and something that comes absolutely naturally to you - but in every part of the world. You have been given the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the globe, celebrities, musicians, perhaps even the president! If you're an... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2014 at write2think
In the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada", an aspiring journalist lands a job at a fashion magazine as assistant to a very powerful editor-in-chief. This potential journalist, Andy Sachs, is determined to get through at least one year of dealing with her highly demanding boss and narcissistic co-workers so that... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2014 at write2think
One of the few priorities in many people's lives are their job. If you haven't already, you will soon encounter a work experience at some point that will make you feel like the world just isn't working in your favor. Peter Gibbons from Office Space portrays that exact attitude of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2014 at write2think
Growing up, I've continuously gone my own way. I have always been very independent with my thoughts, opinionated in my views, and distinct with my actions. Even though I am faced with the same pressures of every young adult in today's society, I will never change my beliefs just to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2014 at write2think
If there was one thing that every human being on this planet spends the most time contemplating, it would be our very own existence. We've all thought to ourselves at some point that perhaps our lives hold a specific purpose in this world (or universe, if you want to get... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2014 at write2think
As I was looking through GiG: Americans Talk About Their Jobs, one article immediately caught my eye. For as long as I can remember, my family life has always revolved around business. To this day, it continues to do so. My dad successfully became Chief Executive Officer of his own... Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2014 at write2think
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