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James Dillard (TorchMusic)
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It sounds like the best solution is a combination of a couple of services. If your LP is not selling, why not just stop having it distributed? Then it doesn't cost you anything. I'm a new Artist and my goal is to find the company that will best "get my money" and "give me my cut" when I do make money. I'd want to work with a distributor who gives good advice which would benefit both of us. I dont' care about 50.00 a year if you made me 1500.00 or more that year. If you think your music is not relevant then make relevant music. As a new Artist I do realize that most musical purchases made in the US are based on POPULARITY.With this knowledge I know that I will probably make as much or more music abroad than I will here in the U.S. I'm cool with that. My only concern with distributors is when my music DOES sell, do you give me MY money? I've heard a lot of Artist say they either had to wait a long time to get their money (over the usual long time) or they never got it at all. I'm not a fan of reverbnation. I believe they are looking for music that fits into their client's needs and I'm not talking about the musicians. Their "Crowd review" is a joke. How are they gonna have someone who doesn't even like your Genre' review your tracks? Reverbnation told me they do not do reviews by Genre'. in Conclusion If I'm worried about paying 50.00 a year, then I'm in the wrong business. If you can't sell 5 albums a year then you either need to try harder or try something else...or do something else. Many Artists have this idea that as long as they make "good" music, they don't have to hustle. It's a proven fact that it's the "hustlers" Who get over.
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Sep 4, 2014