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As a Brit myself, and someone who has involved himself on The Guardian boards in relation to the UK joining the bombing campaign in Syria, I can first tell you that both the largest two UK political groupings are split on the subject matter, further, the enemies of the new leader of the Labour Party within its Parliamentary ranks, and Prime minister Cameron are making political hay, not so much with Syria, but with a Labour Party led by an anti-establishment figure who opposes was, austerity and essentially being the USA's lapdog. Regrettably, this political charade will have serious consequences in the UK, which has a large muslim population and many a misbegotten and radicalised youth, so i'd expect more London bombings if the UK joins the Syria bombing party, and that's before the ludicrous claims of 70,000 'moderate' fighters pulled out of thin air. Many in the Uk are opposed to the UK doing another Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya - all military disasters. Further, under the Conservative led administrations of Cameron our armed forces have been cut to the bone, to the extent they are not fit for purpose - so difficult for the UK to ever mount a boots on the ground campaign. The sad fact is the UK media and much of the UK establishment are happy to kill innocent men, women and children in the Middle East, but will not take on or stop the actual perpetrators of these horrors, most of these nations being UK allies and important destinations for arms sales. I'm also glad you referred to the UK's Guardian Newspaper, which once was a bastion of liberalism, truth and unbiased reporting on national and international matters. Alas it too has vanished as its owner seek mammon courtesy of the USA and Australia, which means it's now a trumpet for the very neoliberal and neoconservative forces detested on these Boards. It really does come to something when an actual European left-winger like myself, someone who's happy to refer to himself as a Socialist, finds solace, comfort and honesty in an actual conservative Blog, which actually tells it as it is, rather than propagandises on behalf of a monied elite. I trust I am welcome here, enjoy the dialogue greatly and like many lament the loss of principles once held dear, be they the US Constitution of UK Parliamentary democrat, both sullied by forces hell bent on destroying our world, with the majority of these forces being cowards, fools and out and out liars. Ah well, at least we have the Colonel to keep us informed, which is the first duty of any citizen.
Bernie Sanders Male, 50. Not Eligible to Vote. Sick of neoliberals, neoconservatives and the destruction of the US Constitution in pursuit of mammon.
Colonel Sir, It's a sad fact, as you yourself have made clear, that the Masters of the Universe, or Borg, are actually uninterested in democracy or democratic mandates in the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter - democracy being but a tool to hoodwink the majority. Indeed, as we have seen in the Lebanon and Palestine our masters in the West cry foul when governments opposed to Western interests gain a democratic mandate - they are still labelled 'terrorists' or untouchables. Indeed, looking at my own area, namely Europe, we have seen time and time again elected politicians and non-elected Eurocrat's force nations to go back to the ballot box if the electorate has the temerity to vote against Treaty revisions, and that's if they are lucky to even get the vote, which in the UK has been denied the electorate since 1975. As with others I'm at a loss to understand how Assad went from being welcome, to unwelcome and vilified by the West - one minute Assad's wife's photos were all over glossy magazines in the UK, the next she was a terrorist - it is this labelling that terrifies me, and how they get away with it. I believe the word 'hypocrisy' is in order, and our present crop of Western leaders are the biggest hypocrites I've ever witnessed - that this hypocrisy has caused more than a million deaths is all the more shocking. And for what, what is the end game, or is it just a neocon/Israeli plot to cause WWIII?
There are no sides of history, just history. And whilst it can inform, it cannot predict, as we learn daily from economic models, history is just too complex. Won't get into the political dynamics, but do like my history.
Florent, It is very difficult for anyone in their right mind to take the UK's Guardian newspaper and its international online service seriously any longer, and this has been the case since the newspapers management abolished the Scott Trust, which guaranteed the newspapers independence as a valuable source of unbiased and critical reportage. Further, honest posters on CIF, among them myself, have been banned or moderated to hell when trying to uphold the traditions of a once proud newspaper by invoking CIF's masthead quote by the newspapers famous Editor, CP Scott, "that facts are sacred." Regrettably facts are no longer "sacred" or upheld, and this has been the case for the past 10 years. As a long time reader of the Guardian, if you compare and contrasts the newspapers reportage on the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the late 80s and early 90s, its opposition to both the first and second Gulf Wars and a myriad of other news coverage with its reportage on the Ukraine presently, you'll notice a huge gulf and this decline has everything to do with money and a desire by the Guardian's management to focus on its international websites to generate cash. Hence, it is but now a propaganda organ for US-interests, for this is where the money is. Further, and having been banned once more a few weeks ago whilst posting under my real name, this time for questioning the newspapers biased reportage on the Gaza Crisis, one has noticed a huge increase in comment from persons who have joined CIF within the past 6-8 weeks on the Ukrainian crisis, many of whom are highly critical of Russia, but remain silent on the actual illegitimate government now ensconced in Kiev. And one enabled by neofascist supporters who corrupted the Maidan protests. One could go on, but please do not rely on the Guardian and CIF as a reliable source of unbiased information, whilst until 2003 this was indeed the case, since the emergence of its online presence the paper has taken a turn for the worse, which has shocked this onetime loyal reader of a once proud left-of-centre news organ.
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Sep 5, 2014