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Trebor Kaye
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Your "flabbergast", your anger, and your hyperbole are entirely, and without warrant, misplaced. You yourself, in your own words, describe your neighborhood as some sort of Turf-wrapped twilight zone, where no one responds to cries for help. You, in your own words, state that the neighborhood has hidden access provided by woods and concealed trails. You, yourself, say that your 6 year old was 450 ft. from your home, unsupervised, in this Twilight Zone of a neighborhood which has remote access...alone. By himself. You claim that you could see where he was, from your home, but then go on to illustrate that not only did you not see him, or where he was, but that you did not see a stranger approach him, leave that area with him, and then make her way to your front door. What you have, my dear woman, is guilt, and unearned self-righteous indignation. The at some point, you make the claim that he was outside a maximum of 15 minutes. While walking with your 8 year old, and the dog, and no 12 year old. That 8 year old left him 450 ft. from your home (approximately), you allege, the police were called about him being alone, and without the 8 year old, and the CPS had time to get this report, respond, arrive, and take custody of your child, bringing him to your home, in Austin, TX. Respectfully, madam, that is not 15 minutes time. Exactly how long, one wonders, does it take for a kidnapping and/or murder to occur, again? Even further still, you go on with a contention that, miraculously, your 6 year old is old enough to "get a cold beverage for himself" and "play outside". That is all quite grand. But just because he can, does not mean that he should-and it does not mean that he should be playing outside, alone, in the Twilight Zone, 450 ft. from your home. Much less "in sight of your home", which could mean quite a long distance, and really belies your attitude in the matter. Children today are kidnapped straight out of their beds during the night, from inside the home, and yet, here you are, trying to illustrate some odd claim that this was reasonable, judicial, and acceptable conduct on your part. Lady, you're not ignorant. You're not mistaken. You're either lying, or trying to kid us, and yourself.
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Sep 17, 2014