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akshat sharma
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You talk of exchanging ideas but your article, from the headline itself is confrontational. I'm sure you know that ABCD is a pejorative term for NRIs, as is your use of the term maniac (you certainly didn't use in the same tone as say, fashion maniacs did you?). Here's the thing. Modi's power is not built on religions exclusion. Modi's entire election campaign was built around the idea of progress for all. His slogan in the polls was "sabka saath sabka vikaas", which I hope you know loosely translates to "progress/development for everyone". You loudly assert his efficacy was missing during the Gujarat riots. But can you substantiate that statement? I ask because I can present arguments to prove that he acted better than most state governments in India ever act. He had become the CM for the first time mere months before this tragedy. And its not like he sat and watched the destruction. He tried to head it off by blaming it on terrorists instead of the Muslim community. He asked the central government to deploy the army within 3 hours of the first killing. The defense minister landed in Gujarat at 8PM (8 hours after the incident). Since the army could not be deployed quickly enough (it was involved with operation parakram at the time), he asked the neighboring states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (all Congress ruled) for police help. The government of Madhya Pradesh declined to help, "13 days after the request". The army did get deployed, 20 hours after the first killing, and they had shoot at sight orders to stop violence. What's more? He was asked for help in cases like the Maulana Vastanvi Madrasa and Aga Khan colony and these places received help within minutes of him getting the calls. The people who blamed Modi were found to be frauds. One falsely implicated ISRO scientists in a separate incident, another was involved in a recruitment scam. The pregnant woman case is widely known to be a falsehood (seriously, how can you put that one here if you are trying to be objective?). May be you have access to some knowledge I don't have. But Modi was hounded for the last decade by the Congress led central government through various court cases, and yet he was ultimately found to be innocent of wrongdoing. Given the things I mentioned previously, and the court ruling, what is your justification for still spreading vitriol about the democratically elected head of the Indian state? In fact the only politician who refuses to play politics of populism and division. When asked "what will you do for Muslims", he said "I won't do anything for Muslims. Neither will I do anything for Hindus.Whatever I do I will do for Gujaratis" (this was before his second term as a CM). Now, moving on from Modi. Why in your opinion as a former cub (and presumably a fully grown) reporter now, most media coverage of the Gujarat tragedy so truncated? Why is the killing of Hindus before the riots glossed over, as is the fact that hundreds of Hindus were also killed during the riots? And please understand that I don't bring this up as a justification for killing Muslims. Violence against any member of a civilized society is unacceptable, regardless of their religion. But if we are talking facts, shouldn't we present them all (and not include known falsehoods)? The worst thing is, articles like this give the impression that India is a country where Muslims live cowering in fear while the majority Hindu population systematically kills them. While the truth is that not only is India a truly inclusive country, and Hinduism a truly tolerant religion but Muslims have actually flourished in post independence India. Their numbers have grown to make up a third of the population, more than the entire population of Pakistan! We have had Muslim presidents, prime ministers and national heroes like Dr. Kalam and Haveldar Abdul Hamid, and our nation cherishes them and is all the more richer for them. And though I honestly believe I have made decent arguments here, nobody is really going to read what I wrote. They will read your article and think "Hindus are so barbaric". I could start a blog of my own, but I'm not blessed as a wordsmith as you are. I'm just a tech monkey, a Hindu and I can only watch in sorrow as my identity is increasingly marginalised and an undeserved shame is forced upon me and mine by the likes of you.
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Oct 4, 2014