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Linieres Bouton, France / Loire Valley
Berkely student BA. MA, MFA former member of Swallow restaurant
Interests: I am a painter and aesthetic refugee. I own a small boutique hotel far in the Loire Valley /countryside . My hotel is a collective loosely based on my years at the Swallow Restaurant in Berkeley . We have a culinary program and work with the INSTITUTE OF CULINARY EDUCATION in NYC . Our gardens are organ , We provide meals for guest and and a beautiful place to stay with activities that are rooted in the rich cultural advantages of our region. . Other than that we work to preserve and reinvigorate the quickly disappearing French culture of beauty.
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Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2014 on More France at Ruth Reichl
It is mushroom season here in France . I didn't know anything about mushrooms until I bought the Moulin Bregeon. When my french friends in angers found out I bought a place way out in the countryside surrounded by forest they said " Oh you must have a lot of mush rooms out there" So they came out in the fall and showed me how to identify edible mushrooms. As it turns out my fields and forest have an abundance of mushrooms . The crew at the moulin have been out the last few days mushroom hunting and the results are on our plates .
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2014 on Lion's Mane at Ruth Reichl
I used to live in Paris and knew many fine places to eat that were not expensive . Over the years I have gotten glued to my village and project in the Loire Valley that I almost never go to Paris. So when my guest ask me where they can eat in Paris I can not advise them . Thank you for sharing this information . I will suggest this restaurant to folks who ask me for advise and tell them that you like it so it must be good. Jonathan
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2014 on Another Paris Meal to Love at Ruth Reichl
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Oct 13, 2014