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Ron Jefferson
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I found some sources (including the English Wikipedia page) claiming that the jew's ear is not edible raw. I also found some sources (such as the Italian Wikipedia page) claiming that it IS edible raw. For neither of these claims did I find satisfactory proof and so figuring that I didn't have much to lose (if they are labelled as inedible it's certainly for being considered of low culinary rather than poisonous) I finely chopped a good amount of them into a carrot salad and ate them. I test-tasted them on their own beforehand and the rubbery texture made for amusing eating experience while there was a faint metallic taste. This potentially unpleasant metallic taste was absent when consumed as one ingredient of many in a salad. It made a good addition to the salad. Also I did not feel at all ill afterwards. So in my experience this mushroom is edible raw
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Nov 21, 2014