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Sidi Genius 4 Lorica road shoes might be the shoe I modified; regardless, it's an old Sidi with the removable plate on the sole. So I cut the tiny side walls, cut into the plastic at the bottom of the "crater" (it's just about mid-sole) and then I had only one predrilled hole to work with. I put on some SPD's and tightened, and they didn't move today on the trainer for one hour. Yes, I will try to reinforce it before I go outside, but they seem pretty stable even after clicking in and out many times just to test. Results? It's not life changing. NP was 319, my FTP is 320, went only 45 minutes with seat dropped an inch and moved back i forget. HR went to where I thought it would, but it seemed to take longer to get there. I had no pain, and I could pedal at 100 rpm or 90 or 80 and it seemed fine. I do adapt very well, historically. I do weirdly think I recovered faster, with same HR as other workouts. I will experiment with the seat another 1/4 inch lower. I was hoping my watts would be 10 higher, but I didn't do an FTP test just a tempo ride. I am excited, and will shoot for FTP of 330 in a month or so. I don't race anymore so no worries.
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My feeling is lifting light weights is fine after cycling and usually at night to keep the metabolism running efficiently. If you have power/weight numbers of 4.5 or higher and you could get to 5.0 by losing weight instead of putting on arm muscle, maybe keep the weights very low and reps very high. we all know almost all great climbers have no upper body, but lifting in shoulders, triceps, abs, etc....i'm sure can be beneficial if you don't drop your power to weight numbers.
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