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For what it's worth, our local library can lend ebooks in ePub or MOBI (ie Kindle) format. Free books are generally available in both formats and are easily converted from one to the other if they are not. (Not a Kindle owner, but I've been using the free Kindle app on my Android phone for about five years now with great success.)
Huh. I figured there'd be hundreds of comments in minutes on here. Let me through out some more obvious suggestions that still might be worthwhile. The Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. Starts off as a good Harry Potter clone and just keeps getting better and better (and longer and longer) through 10 books. Airborn series, Kenneth Oppel. Does he like short stories? _The Past Through Tomorrow_ by Robert Heinlein and _The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain_ are both huge books. _The Once and Future King_, T.H. White.
Perhaps better yet, Steven Brust's _The Phoenix Guards_ and sequels? It's a fantasy homage to the _The Three Musketeers_ (also not a bad suggestion), and while I don't think I've ever heard it referred to as YA, it's adventurous, witty, and breezy while having nothing "adult" in content, to the best of my memory. (Indeed, now that I've thought of it, I don't think I'd hesitate to read it to my six-year-old in terms of content.) The only catch is that it is intentionally over-written, with a narrative voice that takes its time getting anywhere. But with a voracious reader that might be a plus. The first and second books in the series each stand alone, and then the 3rd-5th books form a trilogy. (The exact same structure as the sequels to _The Three Musketeers_, though the homage is much looser after the first book.) It's hard for me to judge how a ten-year-old would like these, but I can say that when I was in college, one of my roommates bought a copy, and within 12 hours all three of had our own copies so we could read it as quickly as possible. :)
Rachel Hartman's _Seraphina_ jumps to mind as meaty without being too adult in content. _Hitchhiker's_ actually is fairly adult, but I know 95% of that sailed right over my head when I first read it at 12 and I certainly loved it then.
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Dec 14, 2014