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The analogy to taxi drivers is great. My Dad was a taxi driver for 17 years in the UK and his tacit knowledge went beyond the physical observations mentioned in this posting (where is the ATM, fish shop, least traffic etc. on the way from A to B). It deepened to the relationships, characters, dynamics, undercurrents of places. He didn't remember my friends names (even after years of friendship!), but he remembered their address - telling of the ambiance of the neighborhood they lived in, the characters that lived on their street, what happened there, who held a grudge against who for what, and if it was safe for me. He knew all the stories from seeing and speaking to people all the time (it was a small town). My point is, I don't think we often really spend enough time going around really scratching the surface of the seeming environment and gaining tacit knowledge like this - understanding relationships and undercurrents to know what's a smart/good thing to do, and more likely to succeed, given the underlying dynamics. (This is why the 'locally driven' part of PDIA is so important, I think - and why investing in trust-building is critical).
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Dec 16, 2014