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Yo Jim Kirby, et. al. Legal or illegal immigration from Mexico or most Hispanic countries makes no sense. What we get from Mexico et. al. are non-educated, expensive additions to our social service networks. According to PEW research over 49% of illegal immigrants have not graduated from their admittedly poor equivalent of high schools and will continue to receive far more in benefits than they will ever pay in taxes. The estimates made by the National Research Council in their study published in "The New Americans, Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Effects of Immigration" are that each Hispanic family costs the U.S. (state, local and federal) over $5,000/year more than they will ever pay in taxes. Other estimates are that this has risen to about $20,000/year. It will cost state and local government over $10,000/year to try to educate--over $150,000 total/student cost in our public schools. It would cost on average about $30,000/year to incarcerate the additional immigrant felons--their crime rate are about three times the average U.S. rate of criminality. The recent CBO estimates of how the latest Senate passed immigration "reform" will boost the U.S. economy will boost the U.S. economy does NOT include the state and local costs--see last page of their report. The conservative Heritage Foundation has estimated the latest U.S. Senate immigration bill would lead to the government paying $9.4 trillion in benefits and services to the newly-legalized immigrants, but receiving only $3.1 trillion in taxes from them in taxes-resulting in a $6.3 trillion loss to the U.S. over 50 years. True reform would cut the number of immigrants granted citizenship from over 1,000,000/year we have now, to less than 500,000; require all new immigrants to have at least a BS degree or pass the SAT and ACT test at an average rate or better etc.. Requiring citizenship of all workers would help dry up the attraction of jobs in the U.S. Another key reform would be to bar anyone who has crossed the border illegally or overstayed a visa from any prospects of future eligibility for U.S. citizenship. A better class of immigrants are what is needed to help the U.S. economy not cost it significantly more like it does now. Now that would be true reform not amnesty disguised as "immigration reform".
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Jan 2, 2015