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Elizabeth Blumberg
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Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2017 on Going, Going, Gone at Flaming Pablum
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I agree up till the last line. I give mad props to all the transplants who take a risk and come to share their energies to make the city great. But they have an experience -- growing up elsewhere -- that we do not. That's cool. While we have an experience -- growing up here -- that they do not. Their different experience gives them an interesting filter through which to see the city and so does ours. There's definitely an impact to having your internal schema lined up with the grid system of New York, and there's a level of balls-out commitment that is not limited to the Natives as god knows we have plenty of people here who can't go home, but when you're from here, failing out of New York means ending up in NYCHA, not going to live in your parents' suburban basement.
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I love this picture. I love that the door to Pizza Boutique is open I'm going to assume that's me at the bar.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2015 on Back Again to 315 at Flaming Pablum
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Jan 7, 2015