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After listening to this lecture and knowing that the issue is settled, it's interesting to hear politicians still either ignore or rebut climate science. Whether it's the Florida governor banning the words 'climate change' or Ted Cruz calling people who accept climate change 'flat earthers,' it's is interesting that these people can either ignore the vast body of scientific research or simply cherry pick some of it to support their world view. I'm not sure it would have any effect, but they should watch this lecture.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2015 on Climate Talk at Jolly Green General
I thought the application of the 'carrot' and 'stick' economic principles to MPAs was extremely fascinating. One concern that I have even after reading the paper is the seeming placement of burden on the local fishermen. Are the local fishermen the ones responsible for the need to declare an MPA, or are larger companies to blame? It seems unfair that if large corporations overfished the area that local fishermen seemingly pay the greatest price. I also have a few questions about the promising 'carrot' incentives. By declaring an MPA, the government forces a high opportunity cost to the locals, especially the villages that are heavily dependent upon the area for livelihood. I would be interested in discovering who pays for the incentives, and if occupational retraining is sometimes required. In addition, might it also be necessary to pay for relocation costs if the declaration of the MPA has a long expected lifespan?
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2015 on Reading for Thursday at Jolly Green General
I think the idea of trying to monetize environmental resources through a tax system is an interesting idea, but I wonder if the revenues generated would be sufficient to reverse or prevent environmental degradation. Due to the importance of reefs to ocean quality and global benefit, might this be a similar situation to the example discussed in class concerning global payment for global environmental benefit. This is an issue especially important to me concerning the wetlands in Louisiana, where I am from. Every hour, land equivalent to the size of a football field due to coastal erosion and which is further harmed by spill off from offshore drilling. These wetlands serve as critical land barriers to hurricanes. Maybe a similar tax on fishermen and others who use this area could provide necessary funding to reverse this trend.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2015 on Reading for Thursday at Jolly Green General
I thought that the section about there being no technical solution to some problems, such as national security in the nuclear arms race, to be very interesting. Each technological leap either increased the lethality of weapons or simultaneously increased security but also increased tensions, such as with the 'Star Wars' missile defense system. I was also intrigued by the section about conscience being self-eliminating. I have seen similar arguments made about intelligence in advanced industrial countries (in that the more educated tend to produce fewer children than the relatively less educated, thus resulting in decreasingly intelligent generations). However, in each case, I am not sure that conscience is passed intergenerationally- I'd have to see some data on this to be swayed.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2015 on Readings for Thursday at Jolly Green General
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