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Aunty Koh forever61sg
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Gahmen have to balance out everything so we can function. If everything rebate, then who is paying? Heiya, we already hosei liao in S'pore. Don't always this cannot, that cannot.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2015 on Delay No More, No More Free Parking at
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Dear platinumSingapore, I think the ministers know that the national saving campaign is good because Singaporeans are already saving since the first campaign. Probably now, they are just reinventing it. And Cecil, if the goverment got no money, then the interest rate should have been very high to attract deposits instead of pushing the national savings campaign.
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For men with ID dangling from a lanyard can be intimidating. Like from some important department, the higher authority. Also anyone wearing a coat and tie: If you drive a car- very powerful.All the girls want to get in it with you and you can easily get yourself into her after that no questions asked. For ladies Must make up, then people get scared, sure listen to you.
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Feb 1, 2015