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Midsize player? It was supposed to be compact.
If you want to see how small the Santa Cruz really is, I did a photo overlay with an extended cab Colorado. Both vehicles have 30" tall tires so that was used for the scaling. The Santa Cruz is based on the Tucson so it is about the same size. That would make it a good 3 feet shorter in length than the Colorado. Post #4:
I mentioned elsewhere that something is going on at the Hyundai plant in Montgomery. A high-school classmate who lives there told me he asked a neighbor who works at the plant the possibility of a Santa Cruz-based pickup built there, and the neighbor looked at him strangely and told him that he couldn't answer that question right now. This posting doesn't guarantee actual proof, but it is suggesting that maybe a small pickup or something is being planned. @imoore That wouldn't make sense unless Hyundai is planning to do a major expansion at that plant. The plant has a rated annual capacity of 300k vehicles. They built almost 440k vehicles last year and sales are climbing this year. The other option is the Kia plant 90 miles away in Georgia but that is also exceeding its 300k vehicle capacity. They built 370k vehicles last year.
@Bob Well the manual trans was discontinued in the US market Tucson so things aren't looking positive. We can hope though. AWD diesel manual Santa Cruz - Shutup and take my money!
@Bahama Todd, 75% of all pickups sold in the US are sold as CUV/SUV/car alternatives. They aren't sold as "trucks". @Big Al from Oz They might not be sold as trucks, but they are very much marketed as trucks. The ads push a barrage of towing, hauling, and offroad specs and capabilities. Even if all someone wants is a bed, they have no other choice. The Santa Cruz is finally an attractively styled option without all the compromises of owning a large body on frame truck. (Poor mpg, poor maneuverability, poor ride and handling, etc...)
Many here still seem to think that this is designed to compete with pickups bought for work. Its not. Its just a CUV for people that would rather not carry certain things (wet/dirty/smelly) in the cab with them, or something a little larger every once in a while. With its styling, and near 40 mpg with the diesel, I think it stands a good chance.
Congrats to GM for selling the most trucks last month. GM: 56,874 Ford: 54,370 Ram: 28,618
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Feb 3, 2015