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It is the moment to recommand "Ninety-Three" [as in 1793], Victor Hugo last novel. Everyone who has listened to your podcast will recognize many names ; they will read about the insurrection in the West, the crimes of both sides, the Danton/Robespierre/Marat rivalry and the Convention Nationale "under influence" of the Paris crowd. In addition, it is a fairly short novel for Victor Hugu ; that's social prestige easily gained.
Great episode. I finally caught back to "current episode" ! I am a huge fan of Saint Just. Not for his early writing, but for his speeches. Some orators are great for how they bring you slowly to share their conclusion by pure, cold logic. Some other are great for their shock one-liners. Saint Just managed to merge both - almost every single sentence of his speech is a shock one-liner, but one-liner after one-liner, you are brought to Saint-Just conclusion. His maiden speech can be found here [for English version] : As a bonus, he mentionned Cromwell "It is impossible to reign in innocence. The folly of that is all too evident. All Kings are rebels and usurpers. Do Kings themselves treat otherwise those who seek to usurp their authority? Was not Cromwell's memory brought to trial? And certainly Cromwell was no more usurper than Charles I" One of the few men whose words killed. It is not accident that it is Saint-Just, and not Robespierre, who was interrupted the fateful 8 Thermidor, An II.
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