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One possible argument for a by-election could be that voters who voted for Mark Taverner and preferenced Labor were influenced by his how-to-vote card. Is there any suggestion that PUP was handing out HTV's favouring Labor in Ferny Grove. I note that there is no HTV for Taverner registered on the ECQ website, does that mean there wasn't one? COMMENT: I've heard nothing on the subject.
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In relation to RWG Herbert's comment, I agree that there is a relevant distinction between Campbell Newman continuing as caretaker Premier and him being reappointed as Premier. However, the context cannot be ignored by the Governor. That context includes that the outcome of the final undecided seats will have been declared by the ECQ (which will occur in the next few days) and Mr Newman having lost his seat. Once the election result is declared by the ECQ, the Governor would be entitled to ask Mr Newman whether he enjoys the confidence of a majority of the newly elected MLAs. If Mr Newman answers that he does not (which is the only honest answer he can give), then it seems to me that the Governor would be entitled to ask Mr Newman to resign (or dismiss him if need be) and to appoint a Premier who has the best chance of enjoying that confidence (i.e. Annastacia Palaszczuk). Any advice by Mr Newman that Lawrence Springborg enjoyed that confidence would likely be rejected, or at the very least the Governor would require a session of Parliament to test that confidence. The invalidity of the candidature of Mr Taverner in Ferny Grove cannot change that. In order for the Governor to form the view that Mr Springborg would enjoy the support of the majority of Parliament, he would need to presuppose that (a) there would be a by-election in Ferny Grove, (b) LNP would win that by-election, and (c) KAP would declare their confidence in Mr Springborg. I can't imagine a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court pre-judging the outcome of both the Court of Disputed Returns and a by-election. COMMENT: Some of your comment is no longer relevant with Newman having announced his resignation and the Governor having announced he will appoint a new Premier later this week.
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Feb 9, 2015