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Born and raised a city girl from Southern California, I'm embracing country life, one dish at a time.
Interests: I'm a foodie, blogger, photographer, treasure hunter of antiques & vintage wares, love laying hens, dogs & cats, lifelong learning, love life.
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Oh how I miss Mexican food in the L.A. area. Being geographically challenged, I have to try to recreate cravings. Your post piqued my interest because I've never used guajillo chiles in salsa. The recipe I use is very similar that you list here, except I slightly char jalapeno peppers, thick sliced onion and roma tomatoes under the broiler. Rice wine vinegar and a small amount of mint leaves are the only other changes, then everything else goes in the food processor. Thank you for inspiring a change and I can't wait to order in some of these chiles to give it a try!
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Feb 13, 2015