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I never really connected the feelings about that until now, maybe it is part of my lonely issue. My kids are 13, 8 & 5. My youngest is about to start school, my 8yrold is in elementary and my oldest is in Middle school, but he has asd, but it would've once been known as a high functioning form of autism, so It's been hard to talk about him for a long time, since I don't want anyone to judge him for what we all struggle through as a family with him as he grows. This is a kind of stress I never anticipated when they told me something was wrong with him at a year old, I thought I could handle it all. But after 2 more kids, I am at a place I really wish I had someone to talk to. I have no family here, no one to confide in, so Facebook was always my outlet. But I notice as I talk & post about the younger two, but not so often about my oldest, some take it as though I don't care about him & that cuts me so deep, I gave up my dreams to stay close to him & try to help him at the start, but some things are so frustrating from explaining what the disability does to his teachers 50x over and they never seem to get it, all the way to his body changing ahead of his mind. Although, we are very open, I explain everything medically so he's not bashful in telling me about changes, some I'd rather not know lol ... It would really REALLY be nice to find a spot to talk to other moms who might relate!
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Feb 26, 2015