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Shelly, thank you. I read the entire Suzuki piece, which is from 2008 and about Canada. It is mostly about how bad plastic is. I do not see that it addressed any of the points I made about the real target being plastic rather than bottled water. Most importantly of all, nor did it say anything at all to substantiate claims made about the safety of tap water AS IT COMES OUT OF TAPS IN HOMES, RESTAURANTS, and HOTELS. I must be slow this morning, I don't understand what I was supposed to learn from the Suzuki article. It is also circa 2008, before all the activities that took advantage of the exceptions to the Safe Drinking Water Act in the US. In 2005, a law was passed that made exceptions to the Safe Water Drinking Act began to have an impact. (Those exceptions permitted the disposal of operations from fracking for oil and gas). We now know that there were many disposals of corrosive water into rivers and streams and so it got into the fresh water cycle. The corrosive effect is long-lasting, so who knows how much piping in homes, etc. has been affected? Even if all the water from now on is pure as can be, those pipes will contaiminate the water as it flows BETWEEN the water plants and the HOMES it goes to. He really doesn't say anything relevant to this issue at all.
I'm sorry, but some people get ill drinking tap water. Very surprised to see this on a discrimination post, especially in the wake of the Flint tragedy. Two things of note: (i) in the Flint tragedy, the tap water was full of damaging lead, _even though_ tests of the water as it comes out of the municipal facility had no lead in them. (ii) in the Flint tragedy, if the children had all drunk bottled municipal water bottled at the very same plant where the tap water came from, they would not have gotten lead poisoning. Maybe the thing to do is to return to glass bottles, but banning bottled water is a very very very bad idea. The ONLY reason we know about the lead in the tap water at Flint is because it is one of the few places that outside researchers were testing the water inside the houses and not just at the municipal water plant, AND testing the blood of the children drinking the water. How likely is it that this is restricted to Flint? Not likely at all. Besides, laws that ban bottled water but not bottled anything else in the whole world should make you realize that this lobbying is _not_ about the plastic, it is about control of people's access to water. I'm sorry, but I think this focus on water is propaganda masquerading as environmental concern. So much of it makes false claims about the high quality of tap water. Really, think through all the points above. Why is it only bottled _water_ that is banned, and not other drinks? And why do the people who propagate this reasoning never, ever ever respond to the point that there is a big difference between testing the water at the municipal outlet and tap water (a fact that bears a lot of weight in the arguments as to why you should rely on tap water). The Flint tragedy shows the severe cost paid by children when adults who care for them believe this unsubstantiated claim.
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Mar 6, 2015