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Hi Joe- I had excellent results following your Tri Bible last year (went from 2nd-to-last the year before to 2nd in my age group in a sprint triathlon). Your new book is very straightforward and adds more good advice. Here is my question - when tested on the bike last year, my VO2max ranked in the excellent category for my age (60, female) and on the low end of average for FTP. Although I was relatively untrained at the time, muscular endurance still ranks as one of my biggest limiters. Does this mean I should focus on LTH workouts rather than aerobic capacity? (I am an avid weightlifter, so I don't think strength is the issue.) Also, I am a little confused about the right level of work for LTH workouts. I see it variously as zones 4, 5a or both. Thanks - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work. Sure wish you'd been around when I was younger and constantly frustrated by my lack of progress!
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Mar 16, 2015