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Eric, I agree that the expressivist component of quasi-realist should be more clearly separated from the normative endorsement of realist-sounding commitments whenever we talk about these issues. But I don't think Terence's distinction between thin and thick expressivism maps onto the distinction between expressivism as such and quasi-realism. He says: "Thick expressivism goes further [than thin expressivism], maintaining that to commit oneself to (A) is to commit oneself to there being moral facts (albeit not robust ones)." So, as I understand it, thick expressivism adds to thin expressivism a semantic/metalinguistic thesis (that when we say "there are moral facts" we do thereby commit to moral facts, understood in a deflationary sense), not a normative commitment to the existence of moral facts. Now, I do have some worries about what thin expressivism amounts to: does it fully reject the ideology of truth and factuality, even understood in a minimalist sense, like old-school versions of expressivism? And is Terence's claim that, when quasi-realists have responded to epistemological challenges by appealing to their semantic account about attitudinal states, they have implicitly relied on such a stripped-down version of expressivism?
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Mar 19, 2015