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Check out these upcoming events coming this month! Download March Community Engagement Resources Continue reading
Coming into college, I knew I wanted to take every opportunity that came my way. One experience I have always had in mind was to study abroad, but due to COVID, that is nearly impossible right now. I decided to take part in the VPSL program in Costa Rica because... Continue reading
The Italy program was a great experience. I met a lot of great people including some of my classmates I plan to keep in contact with and even suggested doing lunch. It was great in this aspect that I would not have met this people otherwise. The instructors of the... Continue reading
Virtually engaging in cross cultural education, while establishing global connections, allowed me to authentically experience the ‘learning’ aspect of service-learning. Exploring Trentino, Italy through environmental, agricultural, and economic lenses diversified my perspective on study abroad. Most importantly, collaboratively helping the international education organization, Dolomit, reinvigorated my desire to grow as... Continue reading
This experience has been extremely different compared to the past programs I have done; however, I wouldn’t have changed any of it. The smiles, laughs, beautiful new faces and amazing new traditions and cultures to learn. I am thankful to everyone who brought us a new experience and taught us... Continue reading
This is my second year as a mentor for AMP, and even though we are virtual, it is still such an amazing program to be a part of. My mentee is so much fun to talk to each week, and we have created a strong bond over the past year.... Continue reading
Coming back for a second year of AMP was something that I was looking forward to since March. Even though this year was going to be different than the last, I’m still grateful that it’s happening at all. I love being able to work with my mentee and see her... Continue reading
It has been such a pleasure working with the students of John Winthrop because they have brought so much joy to these tough times. This is my first year being a mentor so I have not had the chance to experience AMP in the “normal way”. This would normally be... Continue reading
This is my second year being a mentor for AMP and I was a little wary of how this would be over Zoom since I was able to do it in person last year. Even with everything being online, coming to AMP and seeing all the kids interact with each... Continue reading
With everything in our lives on pause right now, it has been so nice to be able to still come to AMP every week and connect virtually. Being with all the kids never fails to put a smile on my face and always reassures me that no matter how much... Continue reading
As a returning mentor I was unsure what virtual AMP was going to look like and presented a challenge for the teachers, mentors, coordinators and mentees. However, everyone has stepped up to the plate and has made AMP the best possible experience given the circumstances. The enrichment activities we have... Continue reading
As the Academic Mentor Program (AMP) transitioned virtual, there were many variables to navigate. With the perseverance and optimism of the mentors, mentees, and staff, AMP has been running smoothly this semester! All mentoring is taking place via zoom allowing mentors and mentees to get individualized tutoring time while having... Continue reading
I am very glad I decided to take part in the AMP program. This is my first year mentoring and I was anxious about what my mentee would think of me. Although my mentee does not always show up, I have enjoyed my interactions with him so far. He is... Continue reading
The AMP program has been a great program to be a part of. This year is my first year of AMP and I was quite nervous about how it was going to go. I didn’t know if I would be able to make a difference or be able to connect... Continue reading
Every year around this time we are taught to be thankful and to think of others. This year, the office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning strongly encourages you to continue your involvement, wherever you are. It could be donating money or nonperishable food items to help those in need,... Continue reading
My job was to drive volunteers to their different off-campus work sites in the greater Bridgeport area. I had to reach out to the students signed up for the day, meet with them on campus, and drop off and pick them up at their volunteer site. I chose the VP... Continue reading
Community Connections was a program that I knew I would enjoy, but it became so much more than I could have ever imagine or asked for. Many of the organizations in Bridgeport that I am still involved with are because of CC. I never thought that my passion for community... Continue reading
Highlights from the Community Connections Dinner! Continue reading
As COVID-19 continues to spread in the U.S., higher education institutions are taking the necessary steps to keep their students, staff, and faculty safe. Our communities are being told to practice social distancing, which is the correct public health message, but one that also requires those working in community engagement... Continue reading
Where has the time gone? I think this is what every Senior is thinking, as COVID-19 cut our senior year 2 months short. To all the underclassman and all the future Pioneer’s get involved on campus because, sooner than you expect, you will be leaving SHU. Today, as I sit... Continue reading
This spring break, I had the privilege of traveling to Puerto Rico with nine other students and two faculty members. Our goal was to help families and communities recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We teamed up with Network Volunteers and SBP to rebuild homes. This trip, in particular,... Continue reading
It is our pleasure to inform you that Sacred Heart University Volunteer Programs & Service Learning has been selected for the 2020 Best of Fairfield Awards in the category of Colleges & Universities. Continue reading
Going into C.U.R.I.T.S Week I really did not know what to expect especially since this was my first time participating in this volunteer program. However, I have a passion for volunteering and helping our local Bridgeport community, so I had all positive thoughts coming into this program. Throughout the week,... Continue reading
According to The Princeton Review, SHU is not only one of the best 385 colleges and universities in the nation for undergraduates to earn their degrees, it is also home to happy students who give back. Out of 20 schools from across the country, SHU ranked 10th for "Happiest Students",... Continue reading
The Academic Mentoring Program The Academic Mentoring Program has been active for the 2019-2020 school year for around two months now. Every week, Monday through Thursday, Sacred Heart University college students go into John Winthrop Elementary School in Bridgeport, CT to mentor middle school students after school. Student’s start off... Continue reading