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Sherri Mabie
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So, again I get an email from Zynga talking about winning something in the event......... Yet, they still haven't fixed the 22% loading error for us Android and Windows 8 users. No responses, not even common courtesy to let us know if they are even working on it! So blooming irritated!!!
I'm really irritated that I got an email advertising a sale on Keys for this weekend only, yet how many of us can NOT get into the game to take advantage, etc. That just shows me that they really don't care about those of us who are unable to access the game. I'm also guessing that the spring event is going on without us as well........... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Any hope of this EVER getting fixed? Seriously considering just giving up on the game for good.
I've been stuck at 22% load since the update as well. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab3, Android platform. I can't get in the game to get you my ID, not sure how to get the number. I hope that it is able to be fixed soon.
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Mar 24, 2015