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Jeff Kott +1. The RX1 lens is amazing, but is it really a lens when it cannot work with any other camera? I would say NO, because it's laid almost on top of the film plane. The sensor position is as much a part of the design as anything else.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2017 on The Best 35mm Lens at The Online Photographer
"I just want good photographers to continue to have what they need to do their work. Whatever that means and however it works out." It can never work out because Sony makes all the sensors. Digital photography is too "margin" centric for any manufacturer to make a decent camera. All features of all digital cameras, now and for the forseeable future, are dictated by Sony. An entire generation of young talent has been lost or relegated to film if they want to stay fresh, because digital will never have: Square format medium, FF mirrorless without a viewfinder, a FF mirrorless camera under $500,multishot cameras, robust multiple exposure options, interchangeable backs for things like Bronica's or old Hassy's that actually work, Xpan format, 35mm square format, cameras like the Fuji 645Zi (could you even imagine a digital camera that was dedicated vertical like that?). Let me also say, that because Sony has control, all "shell manufacturers" are not allowed to develop their own camera "OS", say, like a Leica T system, because Sony would simply not allow anything better than their own horrid menu system to make it to consumers, potentially out of fear it could threaten them. Menu's from all the system cameras, save Leica, are an unmitigated disaster. I feel like I'm stuck in the 90's when I use any of my "newer" cameras. Digital is deader than dead, the equipment is mostly unusable and a haptic disaster, none interface well wirelessly... there are no cheap cameras with big sensors, there will never be a "large format", and the real fun of photography has been crushed. If god forbid you want to shoot with 1's and 0's you have to buy either a Leica or a Sony, or a reboxed Sony. To think this is all going to work out, in my mind, is a little bit optomistic. Luckily, one can still shoot film.
Happy to report, like many zeisses, good into the IR spectrum, 830nm, albeit more prone to flare.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2016 on It It at The Online Photographer
It is not hard to tell if a digital photo has been manipulated, all you have to do is commit to memory the various sharpening algorithms from the major CMOS sensor manufacturers and their tonal response w/regard to human skin. Having done this, one can tell when any photograph has been "post processed", no matter how subtle. It is the job of the viewer to have the knowledge himself, and understand the language of digital in such a way as to know when a photographer is being dishonest.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2016 on C-E-R at The Online Photographer
ACR makes everything look schmutzy.
Be careful what you wish for, attention might not be all that great either. I got a photography award, and, it was, surprisingly, in the immediate aftermath, a negative experience. The award giver criticized it (instead of being effusive with praise, which I had always associated with the term award) and the audience didn't care. This was for a famous photography website. Nothing could be more disproportionate than my desire for acclaim and the reaction the photo received. Commentary involved the chirping of crickets, and a resounding "meh". In retrospect, the acceptance of the award was a mistake, but nothing could have prepared me to say no, my ego simply wouldn’t have it. I urge caution in the desire for 3rd party affirmation... your soul and artistic ethos is at risk, even when you think there will be nothing but positivity. If you invest your life in your art, guess what, its easy to get hurt. Even though putting yourself (your work) out there means being open to criticism, you can suffer a death far worse, never being noticed at all, which is kinda how I felt. The good news is that now my work is so much better, the chip on my shoulder got bigger, and I think about Emily Dickenson a lot. The experience has pushed me to photographic extremes that would have been otherwise impossible if my work had just accrued praise.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2015 on Open Mike: Pots of Gold at The Online Photographer
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