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This is why I actually paid the $40 in order to vote this year and, ideally, nominate next year (I also tend not to read a lot of books in the first year of publication). And why I've put out a call to my social media followers to vote entirely on the artistic merit of the work or works presented, without regard to the gender, ethnicity, sexuality, politics, religion, etc of the individual concerned. The only way we can fix the Hugos is to have more people do that - pick their actual favorite books of the year, nominate them, discuss them, vote on their merits. The politics on ALL sides has to stop. For all that I'm pretty dang liberal and really do want to see more women, minorities, etc on the ballot - it's more important that people vote for the best works, the ones that actually deserve it. (Now, how the heck do I choose between "Listen" and "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried")
It is if you're at a convention.
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Apr 7, 2015