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Glenn Ellis
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Perhaps DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT KATSOGIANNIS should be told that JUSTICE should be gained for NSW HSU members such as myself by being shown by police that there is equal justice for all regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation OR social/ political position. Maybe being only lowly paid health workers he believes such considerations don't apply to low lifes like us. The Royal Commission into Union Corruption has been an eye opener for many union members (myself particularly, being an active unionist) but the lack of prosecutions coming from it has been more so. Although I am now viewing my union with much more skepticism (even running against the current leadership in the last election) I still believe, if used as intended to help the working man, WITHOUT being used by political aspirants to further their own careers, it can work. Lets face it, the average working person can't trust politicians from either side nor many in power to ensure their fair treatment including most current union "leaders". The statement from DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT KATSOGIANNIS seems to just reinforce this belief.
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Apr 7, 2015