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First goal of bureaucracy: self-preservation Translated, it means inserting yourself into people's lives so you become unsackable. In practice, that means tying yourself and your department to new tax or regulatory imposition(s), that governments will be unwilling or unable to dump without major political damage. These guys know where their bread is buttered...
And just WHO caused all of this mayhem?Why it was those"Lying,Do nothing,Career Politicians"of course!They told us we had to go"Multi-Culti"and had to "Diversify."Now that the country is stuffed,they can collect their fat"Pension"and get in line for a FAT UN job,with lots of armed guards to keep THEM safe.
Liz,it's another"Nothing Burger"The impeachment only got"ONE"pollie interested in it.It's on a hiding to nowhere.
Speedbump.Never let it be said that Muslimes have any respect for themselves,or anyone else for that matter.
According to international law, the Jewish people are the sole beneficiary of Self-Determination in the land that was Mandatory Palestine i.e.the land west of the Jordan River, including Judea and Samaria. . The rights of the Jewish People to Palestine are enshrined in three legally binding international treaties. These rights have not expired and are still in full force and effect. All rights emanating from the three international treaties were approved by the League of Nations and inherited by the United Nations. They did not expire. The United Nations had no right to vary them. She of the"Long Knives"is nothing more than a UN stooge.
Ever since Mohammed first rode out of the sands of Arabia more than 1,400 years ago, Islam has been a creed of the sword - and warfare has followed Muslims wherever they go. There can only be "peace" when all persons on earth "submit" to the one true faith, and all of the world lies within Dar al-Islam. Until that day comes, Muslims will continue to go forth into Dar al-Harb, bringing the fire and blood of jihad with them. Any nation which knowingly admits large numbers of Muslims into the midst of its own people is literally playing with fire. These "refugees" are nothing of the kind; they are settlers, colonists and conquerors - no more, no less. They (Muslims) are not here to assimilate to us; they are here to assimilate us to them. So,why are people so surprised at their behaviour?
If his brains were dynamite,he couldn't blow his nose.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2017 on Bill Shorten has ANFI at Michael Smith News
I notice that"She"of the long knives did the"Cowardly"thing and covered up.I'm afraid that the Liberal party is going the same way as the"DoDo"bird.I will never vote for them again.
You do realise that it was"Tony Abbott"and the Liberal party who had Pauline Hanson thrown in jail because "She"was a threat to the 2 party,(not much preferred)and needed to be silenced?So,your OK with that?
Ok,you"Femanists"Why arent you marching in the streets to stop this"Barbarity?"Trump never,ever did anything,remotely like what is happening to these Women.Get off your"A$$es"and stop this.
If her brains were dynamite,she couldn't blow her nose.
Lincoln - "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."You should have heeded the warnings you were given before.
Albert Einstein quote: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”
And she has been found to be CORRECT.I heard the recording of the"Moron"yelling out Alluha Akba,before twitter removed it.I wonder whos side these people are on?Obviously the"Crims"side.
He doesn't like Trump,which just goes to show,he is like the Liberals,just a closet"Leftard"
"JFK put a man on the moon, Obama put a man in the little girls room"
Q, What are the ugliest words in the English language? Leftism & feminism. Guaranteed to soften any man's pride quicker than any cold spoon.
"JFK put a man on the moon, Obama put a man in the little girls room"
Muso,well done.If he only does 10% of what he has planned,America will be"Great Again"
Fauxfacts - the only lavatory paper where all the crap comes pre-loaded!