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"Fuck the EU." - V. Nuland "I shot 15 prisoners dead. I don't give a fuck." - Pavlov/"Motorola" Which ones are the evil ones again?
Yes, you are being manipulated. If those who have jumped on the Putin and “rebel” bandwagon (I thought well enough of Putin at first, but changed after reading Ukrainian history and seeing his actions unfold in Ukraine) can swallow the Kremlin line without being labeled easily manipulable toadies, why are supporters of Ukrainian people power treated differently? I took a good hard look at both sides, I did not overlook the innocent blood on the hands of WW 2 Ukrainian nationalists, and I have made an informed, rational choice. I have contacts in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian diaspora; what makes my correspondents any less reliable than, for instance, the free-lance gunman calling himself “Motorola”, upon whose words of wisdom some rely who think they are supporting something akin to the American South’s secession? Now that is being manipulated – falling for a colorful name and a sentimental flag.
Reply to AnnaMarina: "The whole story in Ukraine is a tremendous insult to the WWII veterans." American history cannot rightly be honored by dishonoring those Americans who died to liberate Europe from tyranny, and not to deliver it to a new one; and those Americans, including friends of mine, who died in the anti-communist wars, however imperfect their ultimate outcome has been, and whose sacrifice is mocked by those who excuse and collaborate with the unrepentant heirs and beneficiaries of the regimes they fought. As the Brussels Journal’s George Handlery, a survivor of the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary puts it: “Forgiveness not met by regret implies subjugation.” And, as the world knows, so far from any “regret”, the new/old occupants of the Kremlin have seamlessly maintained the old regime’s insistence on the USSR’s moral superiority in war and peace. Or as Handlery again puts it: “… hostility is discovered in attempts to set limits to [Russian] expansionism. The message to these is, ‘“let us do what we want on our turf that we are free to define. Show esteem or we annihilate you for disrespecting our ways”’. The conclusions are unpleasant for someone who has spent his efforts to counsel forgiveness to the victims of Soviet imperialism. That was seen to be a precondition of reconciling Russia with becoming a normal nation and not the torchbearer of an idea to conquer the world. Alas, now it seems that offense is taken by the mention of forgiveness as it implies a dark past. That kind of forgiving is not forgiven. However, forgiveness without atonement amounts to subservience. Instead of breaking with past patterns, Putin seeks chauvinistic support by enlisting a spotless past’s glory to carry the tradition of victories into the future. Resisting that is taken to signify hostility to a ‘“Top Nation”’ that, as he reminds us, has always crushed its opponents.
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Apr 11, 2015