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What a horrible review to imply that all Tacoma's come in 4th. This was the TRD Pro specialized for off road where you have one category to help it out. Even a regular Tacoma would smoke the rest of these trucks in the off road category and still get a 20/20 then they would be lighter and better suited for the on road tests and performance category. Like someone already said. Look at the 2012 results where they used a normal Tacoma and the Tacoma would have taken 1st place in this review. Using the Pro Model is ridiculous, since I love off road fun and live on shtty roads, so all my points go to off road capable, plus resale and dependability is just a bonus when buying a Tacoma. What happened to points for resale, dependability, toughness, where the Tacoma thrives, its a negative that GM has none until they prove otherwise if possible. Maneuverability, turning radius, easiness of everyday parking; Tacoma wins again. Popularity, which is why 90% of buyers buy these trucks is to make a statement, Tacoma wins again. Responsiveness for gas pedal tip in, 0-30mph Tacoma wins again and with a normal Tacoma beats the normal Colorado in the 1/4 mile Manufacturer profile, Toyota wins and Performance upgrades, for the price of the Pro you could have supercharged a normal Tacoma through TRD with full factory warranty and blown away the performance charts with the fastest stock available pick-up you can buy. This excuse that you get what you get for a truck based on dealers supply really has to come to a stop. It just creates a sht storm for everyone. If you cant get comparable trucks then don't do the review, it just hurts your reputation and makes these reviews pointless.
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Apr 13, 2015