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Hi, I have a question regarding how to cite information displayed on maps. For my PhD thesis, I have created original maps using data that I obtained from the Statistical Office, in the analyzed region. I have also used topographical maps on which I have digitized the rivers for instance, but I took digitized layers from the internet, as well. The latter have an author and date. It is clear for me that I cite the Statistical Office and the layers that have an author and date, but do I have to cite the topographical map on which I have created the other layers? There is another situation: what happens when I have many layers (20 for example) and each of them belongs to different sources? Do I have to cite them all? Thank you!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2015 on Table Tips at APA Style 6th Edition Blog
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Hello Chelsea, I'm not sure where to put the page number (or other location information). Here's an example: Chatman (1999) said blah blah blah (p.3) or, Chatman (1999, p.3) said blah blah blah. Thank you very much.
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Thank you, Timothy. Yes, each subchapter is listed in the table of contents. Do I have to specify that it is a subchapter, not a chapter?
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Hi Chelsea, I have a question, too. I have a book with chapters that are divided in subchapters. The chapters do not have authors specified, but the subchapters do have. I took an information from one of the subchapters, so, what should I cite in this case, the subchapter? Many thanks, Olivia
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Apr 17, 2015