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Shelah Larson
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Before coming to Japan, one of the first things people warned me about was how expensive everything is – to which I’ve quickly come to discover, they were right. Unfortunately, being a major city, Tokyo turned out to be just as expensive as people warned, however, not in the way... Continue reading
Day and night, hundreds of people – from tourists to natives – flood the streets of Tokyo. So much so, if you’re not careful, you can easily get swept away in the strong wave of bodies moving unanimously from one place to the next. And, while following a crowd around... Continue reading
Recently, I received the wonderful opportunity to join my friend on a weekend adventure to Kyoto, Japan. And, after a brief two and a half hour Shinkansen ride, I was away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and transported to an entirely new Japan. Tokyo, known for it’s fast-pace... Continue reading
First thing that comes to mind when I think of Japanese fashion is vibrantly dressed girls, covered head-to-toe in glitter makeup, hidden under pounds of ruffles, and carrying around pastel parasols. And, while some of these girls do in fact exist in places like Harajuku, not everyone dresses to fit... Continue reading
Before arriving in Japan, I envisioned bustling trains, hordes of people, vibrantly lit skylines, and – more importantly – sushi for miles. And, while the trains are often packed to full capacity and the night sky is indeed brightened by the city lights, sushi wasn’t as commonplace as I had... Continue reading
You must immerse yourself into another world in order to fully understand your own. In the game of life, people often change and develop as they begin to come closer to discovering who they truly are – whether it be a devoted father, music enthusiast, dedicated housewife, or self-proclaimed foodie.... Continue reading
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Apr 26, 2015