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I wish you hadn't chosen the "earth-revolves-around-the-sun" example. The citation you gave is out of date, was controversial in its time, and is now largely inaccessible. It isn't exactly wrong---if you choose the sun's reference frame, then the earth does revolve around the sun---but nature doesn't prefer one frame to another. So we choose a reference frame for its convenience and relevance, and that's almost always the earth's frame. So really, for most practical purposes, the sun revolves around the earth. If a traffic cop asks you how fast you were going, you're going to answer with respect to a fixed earth. That's as sure as the sun coming up in the morning. Still, people like you and Copernicus keep referring to that heliocentric stuff as if the science were settled. You're right about footnotes, of course.
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Apr 30, 2015