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Just realized you haven't polled Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie nationally since July. Curious to see whether Rubio or Christie is seen as the more electable Republican at this point. Last month, Fox and Quinnipiac had Christie ahead of Clinton by 3 and 5%, respectively, while recent NBC/WSJ and USA Today/Suffolk polls showed Rubio up by three. Seems silly to continue polling Clinton vs. Carly Fiorina (or Ben Carson for that matter) as potential GOP nominees.
Baltimore's mayor said she "gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well" and “let them loot, it’s only property.” Do you agree or disagree with the mayor's stand-down order, which prevented police officers from stopping the destruction of local businesses?
Were the riots in Baltimore legitimate outrage over what happened to a man who died in police custody, or criminals taking advantage of the situation?
Which is more important: to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, even if it means taking military action; or to avoid a military conflict with Iran, even if it means they may develop nuclear weapons?
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May 5, 2015