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Mark Moore
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So what are you saying here my dear. Tell It Tell It. Are you saying that swarthy is cool or not cool pilgrim of SOMETHING OR ANOTHER. Well ? are Germans to Swarthy for Sweden? Come On Man Speak Up. Your Saying Germans Are The New BLACK Cadillac arriving perfectly on time with your standard group of three the men in black or MIB. Ok Cool Count Me IN I Will Join Them Today Kiddo. FOE REAL AS IN 4 reel
Why do we act so shocked when nationality and feelings towards other peoples of other countrys is mentioned anywhere anytime! As if the human race is so noble and meticulous so refined as to never ever hear mention of WAR and the Aftermath of global conflict. As if America has very little problems when it comes to colonial English willing to perhaps mention a kraut SANNICH to her distant kin the Saxons. BULLSHIT GROW UP all is not still anywhere anytime anyplace for the love of a phony balone USA? look at it for Jesus Christ almighty sakes. These people hate krauts anytime anyplace! if the opportunity to do so in hating the lowly one is just about right safe and sound jolly good hey. They have always said to one another DONT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. And you know what fool! THEY?? DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT DUMPING ON THE SWARTHY kraut SANNICH. ALL IS NOT STILL NEVER WAS MY POOR LITTLE german. I am just SAYIN as in OH HEY! I AM JUST SAYIN BE CAREFULL AND STAY SAFE AND YOU BETTER BELIVE I GOD DAMNED WELL HAVE MENTIONED OF IT. I am not german I am SLAV Russian old chap HA HA LOL MY BROHAM I make joke for west.simply little joke this is all goodby golden capitalist.
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May 5, 2015