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Leroy van Logchem
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Just deployed three PetaBytes using ScaleIO. We are very pleased by the ease of use, especially since availability of the loadable VIB in ESX. ScaleIO really can fill your 10Gb Ethernet interfaces with sub 1 ms latency iops. Being released from traditional silo complexity and scaling locks the questions are now quite simple "Is using 2 x 10Gbit interfaces enough for my workload or should we just add two more?" Our setup uses 'just 56 SDS servers' but can deliver way more then most of the client SDC servers can handle. We solved the Compression and DP wishes using ZPOOL's with mirror sets using two autonomous ScaleIO Clusters. ZFS adds the well known qualities of check-sums, LZ4 compression and real-time snapshots. All data stored is "tier 1" and looking at the Roadmap more reasons to stay on this Type III technology are added. To be fair there are some limits and weaknesses - specifically the mdm should be dynamically discovered when using the GUI and it could use some historical monitoring graphs. Otherwise the notification of Events is very clever because your drill down from Protection Domain -> Storage Pools -> SDS into the raw block devices and finally the SDC health. Re to the post of BS: It does provide Protection against multiple node failure by using Fault Sets. We actually use these because our servers are grouped by four in each chassis. So every 2nd copy of 1MB gets directed to another chassis. Last weekend Power was lost to 4x60TB SDS and availability was not affected - the Rebuild and Rebalance algorithms intimidatingly solved the outage.
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May 7, 2015