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Certainly, there's a need for an evolutionary approach to frame and guide software development endeavors. Also, to divert from the obsolescence of the (still lucrative) mechanical deployment of the so-called "agile" methods. Hopefully, blind ignorance won't prevail. Here some humble suggestions for the foundations of this method. (1) Should be handy to consider Lehman's laws of software evolution, and its associated dynamical model, in the GROWS conceptual framework. (2) Regarding education in a broad sense, since one of the fundamental concerns that you pointed out is the lack of openness to learn―"Agile methods ask practitioners to think, and frankly, that‘s a hard sell", the notion of "short-circuit" and long circuit in pedagogy might be of your interest for further reflection. Thank you for bringing new paths to our industry.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2015 on The Failure of Agile at /\ndy
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May 17, 2015