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Heidi, Thank you for this post! It was incredibly helpful for me. I am currently teaching 5th grade but I will be moving down to 2nd grade next year. I have read about the power read alouds have for struggling students and I currently am reading LOOT to my 5th graders. I wasn’t sure what type of books would interest this generation of 7 year old. Your list of books you read in your classroom will be a great jumping off point for me next year. I had recently shown my age to my 5th graders when I talked about Rambo… I thought for sure EVERYONE had seen or heard about Rambo. It’s Rambo! I was totally wrong and my students were all confused. I swore I would be a more “with it” teacher and then I did that Rambo slip. HA It was been a few years since I have worked with younger students and your site has come very highly recommended for 2nd grader resources. I am curious how long and how often to you read aloud to you 2nd graders? Thank you!
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May 27, 2015