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Also, please poll Georgia for one of your upcoming polls.
US Senate- In addition to Hagan, consider Janet Cowell, Jeff Jackson, Grier Martin, and Cal Cunningham Cowell has stated she will run for re-election, but recent stories have said the party leaders are expected to attempt to recruit her if Hagan passes. It would make sense to keep her off, but you might want to consider her including her as such. Jeff Jackson has stated he is seriously considering running. Grier Martin and Cal Cunningham have been frequently listed as top options if Hagan passes. Cunningham would be good to include since he hasn't been polled yet, so it would be good to see where he stands. Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane and ex-Rep. Heath Shuler are names that have been reported as potential candidates and not included in any polls yet, so either might be good choices to include. Tom Ross and Mike McIntyre are also options. No need to include Brad Miller- he is working at a New York law firm and has stated he has no desperate need to return to politics. He has been speculated to only be interested in making a run for NC-04 if David Price retires. Also poll other offices where there are candidates: -LG: Dan Forest vs. Linda Coleman (Spring Lake Mayor Chris Rey is rumored to be considering, so might want to poll him also against Forest) -Labor Commissioner: Cherie Berry vs. Charles Meeker -AG: Josh Stein vs. Buck Newton/Tamara Barringer
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May 28, 2015