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Out Back co op. We have three openings. We met our goal early this morning (Sunday) We've serviced 50 towns. If you are not satisfied with how well your co op has been performing...take a look at us. We have a FB page for our members and we have a core group of members who feel like family. Check us out. We only require that you do 12-15 orders a week or let us know that you're busy and are unable to. If you want farmer of the week, just let everybody know and our top performers will stop at 34. We'd love to have a few more dedicated players who enjoy having fun. And...we're also givers. Do people in your co op curse Marie for stopping you from giving more?
Out Back coop is going to be looking for a few new members in the weeks ahead. We have served 59 towns and as of Saturday afternoon have completed 304/340 orders. We generally meet our goal by no later than Monday morning. When we're that late, it is usually because we're waiting on a strong member to get an order in so she doesn't miss the 200 favors. We have our own face book group and chat and share tips and honestly, we're like a family. We have a strong core and are looking to add to that. We have several under performing members who are in the process of being dropped. The deal you're making with us, should you decide to join, is that you will make 12-15 orders a week and communicate when you will be away. Should you become AWOL for two weeks with no communication on the boards or the face book page, you will be dropped. We're a fun, playful group and enjoy ribbing each other and competing. We're also very democratic. So, if you call farmer of the week, the rest of us will stop short of 34 orders. To sum it up, we're the major league. This may seem intimidating, but if you are the one in your co op who is always trying to get your group past the finish line and everyone else is lazing around, you'll appreciate us...and the favors. 350 favors a week makes upgrading so much easier. I look forward to meeting whomever decides to take up the challenge and reap the rewards. Thanks, Robin
I would enjoy the State Fair if it were not plagued with blatant, in-your-face cheaters. Of the ten in my league, four are absolutely cheating and one probably is. I know because it is pretty easy to sneak in a neighbor request to these folks and visit their farms. I have sent four "report abuse" emails to Zynga including a snapshot of farms with 10 animal barns, 6 water towers, 60 fields etc.. By the way the "report abuse" tab is at the very bottom of the page on Facebook. I would encourage everyone who is put at an unfair advantage by cheaters to turn them in. Remember that great quote: "All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"? If Zynga actually reads the emails and looks at the pictures I don't see how these players will not be downgraded or suspended. Of course...those are the "ifs" of the matter. So, Gods of Zynga...don't ignore the pleas of the innocent. Smite those violators and return dignity and honor back to Farmville 2.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2015 on The State Fair at FarmVille 2
You can report people. The good thing is, I don't think anyone has an option of not being a neighbor for the week you are competing in the state fair. I just sent a report for someone who has 4 water towers, three barns and I don't know how many fields. I took a picture and included that. I'll let you know if anything was done.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2015 on State Fair Competitions Announcement at FarmVille 2
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Jun 1, 2015