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Dear Alexandra Morton and readers: The State of Rhode Island has drafted a recent bill, at the moment of this posting still open for public commenting. House Bill 5480 mentions the concern about ocean acidification due to the fall-out of aerial particles sprayed in geoengineering, falling to grond and contaminating earth, soil, and water all alike, according to the House Bill. Geoengineering is the (mad) science of spraying nanoparticles of aluminum oxide, strontium, sulfuric acid, sulfate, and other ingredients into the air, with the alleged purpose of deflecting the sun's rays to mitigate the issue of global warming. The problem with this theory is that aerosols (aluminum sprays) are known to punch holes in the ozone and to CAUSE global warming! Linked above, Mad Geoengineering Scientist David Keith testifies, and Al Gore confirms on parallel video footage, while whistle blower Kristen Meghan, x-military Industrial Hygienist, also testifies about the chemicals contained in the geoengineering sprays. David Keith says that as the sun's rays are deflected by the aluminum nanoparticles, that this heats the upper atmospheres by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore no clouds form and droughts ensue. (Is this the cause of the California drought?) The Rhode Island bill linked above, states geoengineering-related concerns about ocean acidification, tree and plant impacts, health impacts to humans/animals/sea life, droughts, conflicts about water, and more. The lawmakers state in the bill, their concerns about human happiness and property damage, as well as economic impacts. Lots and lots of images, youtubes are on the web. 6 pages of URL's to US patents, linked here Famed neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD speaks out with health concerns about geoengineering, see also image here: Congressional House Bill HR 2977 mentions chemtrails: USDA Agricultural Crop Loss Adjuster (retired) Rosalind Peterson speaks out: Dear Alexandra Morton, could the bleeding fish be suffering from ocean acidification and the caustic sulfuric acid particles falling to earth from the sprays? Have the fish been tested for *nanoparticles* (Special testing required!) of aluminum, strontium, barium, sulfuric acid as mentioned in the youtube above with David Keith/Al Gore/Kristen Meghan? thank you, a concerned citizen
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Jun 4, 2015